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The history

Made in Italy

Unsigned is a true Made in Italy. Its philosophy is thoroughly based on the passion for creativeness and the rigour of production.
The materials we use to produce our garments have been carefully chosen and picked out from Italian suppliers with the purpose of creating a product, in good taste as well as in quality, observing the production and ethical rules, that is a distinguishing mark of our philosophy.
Unsigned Spring-Summer collection 2018
Unsigned Children Wearing 2018 - Don't forget to play
Unsigned Children Wearing 2018 - Iris Abito/Dress


Precious and comfy materials

Great attention to details and the use of valuable materials let appear a never-granted style which distinguishes our brand. The collection proposes fresh fabrics to face summer heat at the best.
The chromatic palette ranges from optical white to navy and sky-blue.
Spring-Summer 2018 -Unsigned Children Wearing


Don't forget to play!

Unsigned suggests a summer characterized by moving and getting in touch with nature to discover new worlds, new ways and new friends!
The great importance of PLAY is shown in this collection. It proves a definitely amusing character and is directed not only at little girls but also at little boys.
Along with child’s dresses, nice skirts, shorts and soft-shaped vests, the spring-summer collection introduces a new line of practical bermudas, comfortable jackets, and very light shirts. Witty unisex T-shirts, with original patterns, complete the look characterized by a grittier and sunnier mood.


Style and details