Our brand - Made in Italy • Unsigned Children Wearing
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Our brand – Made in Italy

Made in Italy - Hadmade - Unsigned Children Wearing
Unsigned is a style, green but spontaneous, where no bond of “belonging” is put forward, in a changing and unpredictable simplicity. Coloured and enjoyable clothes to dress children free from any stereotypy or preconceived idea, wearing their growing personality with charm and elegance.
The style Unsigned, of prized substance, lives on simple cuts, important materials and great attention to details.
Unsigned is a true Made in Italy. Its philosophy is thoroughly based on the passion for creativeness and the rigour of production. Each item of the collection is born in Italian workshops thanks to highly-skilled tailor’s hands, using Italian fabrics of excellent quality and fine finishes
Is the signature missing? Unsigned goes beyond.
Marcella De Gaetano - Unsigned Children Wearing - Made in Italy
Marcella de Gaetano is born in 1982 in Sicily (Italy). After classics studies, she takes the Faculty of Design and Fashion Disciplines at the University in Urbino (Italy). Thanks to her natural bent for Creativeness and sense of Beauty, she studies in depth and gets realized in an extensive formative “journey” which leads her to the degree in 2004.
She attends to a high-specialized course on Communications applied to Fashion and gets Master in Cool Hunting at the academy “Polimoda” in Florence (Italy). Then she starts cooperating with different Style Departments where her fashion designer’s skills grow richer in significant professional experiences.
In 2010, she undertakes the job of freelance fashion stylist and, working in close contact with various companies, she matures an experienced knowledge of products distinct as for marketing and stylistic peculiarity.
With motherhood, she develops her desire to give to children’s wear her best attentions, once and for all attracted by that world where spontaneousness and genuineness allow children to be nothing else that… themselves.